The Ultimate Family Retreat

There’s a peaceful sense when you’re able to unwind and be truly yourself when the breeze off the ocean seems especially sweet, the sunshine seems to last longer, and you feel at home. At Kukuiʻula, that feeling comes every day.

On Kauaʻi’s south shore, where verdant gardens stay green year-round, the ultimate family retreat lies perfectly situated between mauka and makai—the mountain and the ocean. With homes and homesites in this breathtaking setting, each day seems like a vacation.

The low-key, relaxed luxury at Kukuiʻula means you can go from the beach straight to the dining room in your board shorts and T-shirt, choose from a wealth of unforgettable outdoor adventures, drop by the Farm to harvest your own tropical produce, unwind and rejuvenate at the Hiʻilani Spa, and gather with friends and family to make and share memories.

Here, ʻohana includes those people who restore your spirit and with whom you enjoy spending time. With something for everyone at Kukuiʻula, there’s space to venture out, choose independent interests or try something new, and come back together to talk story. People return here because of the way it makes them feel and the way their family is when they’re together in this lush island setting.

No matter where you are at Kukuiʻula, the outdoors calls to you. The rich history of the land, the refreshing trade winds, the spectacular rainbows, and sunsets, all just within reach in homes that breathe as if they’re one with the landscape. The fun, playful attitude of mellow, laid-back living here makes it easy to live well on your terms, whether that includes days packed full of activities, gathering to savor the love of generations of family, or the luxury of free time to just breathe and take it all in.

Our focus on Hoʻokipa, heartfelt Hawaiian hospitality, creates an ease of living and sense of place. Those who have made a home here find that coming for a visit just isn’t enough. Resort architecture represents an integration of this island’s unique culture, respect for the land, a celebration of nature, and an understanding of the elements. Elevated Kauaʻi cuisine showcases the freshness and convenience of the Farm and the abundance of the ocean with farm-to-fork and ocean-to-table fare. Wellness programs offer the ability to spend quality time in a subtler, island-style way, whether your self-care leans towards spa time or fitness classes. The golf course, with just the right level of challenge and golf boards to get you from green to green, embraces fun and playability—complete with whale watching at the edge of the world.

Kukuiʻula is the kind of place where time flows effortlessly, where families join children at kid’s camp for the sheer fun of being together, where adventurers can head out on a Polynesian sailing canoe or hike into the spectacular mountains along the Nā Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon, and where water fans can immerse themselves in the saltwater kiss of the ocean or dip their toes into an infinity-edged swimming pool.

The aloha spirit isn’t something that’s fleeting. It’s alive in this life-changing retreat—and it’s something that you can live, breathe, and experience. The ancient Hawaiians likened the ability to truly live the spirit of aloha with attaining enlightenment. At Kukuiʻula, it’s as easy as waking up every day.