Hawaii’s oldest island. Why we love Kaua‘i

Waving to friends as you pass on the highway or talking story when you see your neighbor in the grocery store are parts of the charming everyday life on Kaua‘i, long since forgotten in busy cities. Potluck dinners at the beach to watch sunset aren’t only for special occasions; gatherings with relatives and coworkers occur simply to enjoy the beauty of the island. Keiki run and play under the watchful eyes of many parents as each child is treated as their own. Kaua‘i maintains the laid back qualities of old Hawaii where family and friendship are the most important parts of life.

Kaua‘i’s one-lane highway is a country road compared to most cities, and provides a scenic tour of the island – winding through towns with stunning mountain views or just feet away from the Pacific Ocean. With the majority of the population living along the outside edge of the island, the proximity of the highway ensures that no one is more than a short drive to one of Kaua‘i’s many pristine beaches.

There is no shortage of things to do on Kaua‘i. With little development of the interior land, this island is a favorite for avid hikers, and trails can be found for any skill level. Uncrowded beaches give sunbathers and whale watchers plenty of space, and seasonal swells allow surfers a wide variety of waves to ride. With an average winter temperature of 72 degrees, paddling and swimming are year-round activities.

Amazing scenery and an Aloha Spirit can be found on all of Hawaii’s islands, but Kaua‘i truly has a rhythm of its own. It transports you to a quiet and peaceful existence filled with wonder for the beauty of nature, and gratitude for the diverse people with whom you share it.