The Farm at Kukuiʻula

From the moment you crest the hill that leads to the Farm, Kukuiʻula’s 10-acre organic farm, the idea of aloha ʻāina (love the land) seems like the most natural feeling you can have. In Hawaiian tradition, ʻāina (land) is the provider of everything—shelter, food, and a place to plant your feet. Here at the Farm, the land lies before you, in an articulated patchwork like a great green quilt that incorporates raised beds, fruit orchards, colorful flowers, a luxurious henhouse, sprawling ear pod tree, and lush green lawn. The sense that all living beings are connected is at the forefront, and the relationship we share with the land expands to nature and life itself.

In the morning sunlight, you can settle into the ancient rhythm of gathering your own seasonal food, and wander through the pavilion of raised beds to harvest your own herbs, greens, and vegetables for breakfast, an after-adventure snack, or dinner salads. Pluck tropical fruits and citrus from the trees, and pick some fresh flowers to add to the family table. Visit with resident hens and coax them out of an egg or two for a home baking project.

Team members at the Farm help with harvesting, as well as gardening advice. Bring your own basket, bags, and shears, or use those provided on-site to enjoy the bounty of the land. Sit quietly under the shade canopies and take it all in. There are many ways to live in harmony with nature, and seasonal changes are evident here among the small details if you take your time and breathe along with the Earth.

En route to the Farm, view some of Kukuiʻula’s most pristine landscape, home to wildlife such as Hawaiʻi’s state bird, the nēnē. Anglers interested in fishing for peacock bass in the lake need only obtain rods and reels from Huakaʻi outfitters before untying a rowboat and paddling to the sweetest spot on the lake’s surface.

The Farm works with the Hiʻilani Spa to cultivate a wellness garden to produce botanicals that are incorporated in tonics and treatments, as well as fresh-pressed juices. The culinary garden produces the best seasonal and year-round fruits and vegetables for Chef Ben’s farm-to-fork fare. Keep alert while playing the golf course, and you’ll spy mangoes, lychees, pineapples, and other tropical fruits planted around the greens that are tended for the enjoyment of all.

When life is too busy to fit in a visit to the Farm, just drop by The Clubhouse to find a self-serve produce stand on the lānai. The bounty of the ʻāina is so abundant that there’s always an opportunity to share.

The Farm at Kukuiʻula is a sensory place—where you can sit back and witness a landscape packed with rainbows or watch the sun set over the ocean, where the scent in the air is thick with fragrance and earth, and where the fleshiness of flowers is rich and tangible. The feeling of aloha ʻāina is alive here, where the land is its most generous.