Behind The Plantation-Style Architecture at Kukui’ula

What is Plantation-Style?

Plantation-Style Homes were built in the early to mid-1900s, during the boom of Hawai’i’s pineapple and sugarcane industry. Originally a modest bungalow of sorts, the style earned its name through its use as laborer homesteads. Homes feature low profile wood frames, exposed rafters and vertical plank siding. Roofs were the most distinguishable, as they were wide-hipped and split pitch.
plantation architecture

When viewed against the natural Hawaiian environment, these structures blended easily with their surroundings. As an architect at Kauai Design and Architect LLC explains, “Plantation-style is an explicit reference to local and cultural traditions and is a style, which responds to environment making it the most compatible architecture in the islands. Living in Hawai‘i is defined by environmental compatibility and the enormity of outdoor beauty. We use the natural environment to achieve this compatibility by the emphasis on outdoor living.”

Plantation-style homes range from the smaller structures occupied by field hands to more upscale structure, inhabited by supervisors and more substantial landowners.

Where Can It Be Seen Today?

Plantation-style homes can be found on every island of Hawai‘i. Kaua‘i offers an assortment of home designs, ranging from cottages and condos to beach homes and ranches. Today, the Plantation-style is more popular than ever and Kukui’ula takes pride in offering a diverse selection of this timeless look and feel.

Why Did Kukui‘ula Choose This Style?

Kukui‘ula loves the traditional Plantation-style for it’s rich cultural background and classic look. A romantic sense of old Hawai‘i accompanies these charming buildings, allowing guests to feel as if they truly have stepped back in time. Combined with the most modern day conveniences and amenities it almost feels a bit dreamlike. Focusing on the natural beauty of Kaua‘i is always the first goal of Kukui‘ula, and this style maximizes not only the natural surrounding splendor but tastefully incorporates the home, itself, into it.