The Brown Family’s Permanent Vacation

For a family who takes fun and spending quality time together seriously, Kirk and Ashley Brown and their three adorable boys (soon to be four!) have found their perfect place here at Kukui`ula.  Inspired by the “magic” of this place, the sunny weather and the central location on the island, soon after discovering Kukui`ula in early 2018, Kirk and Ashley decided to pack up their busy lives in Portland to make Kaua`i their full-time home.

Every member of the Brown family takes full advantage of what Kukui`ula has to offer, engaging in club activities such as golf and tennis, to swimming in the pools, taking classes at the fitness center, fishing up at the Farm, and so much more.  The community’s laid-back, island lifestyle was a big draw for them. Kirk notes that “At Kukui`ula, there is no competition… people are more relaxed and there is a sense of happiness and excitement all the time.  You can be yourself and not play a part wearing a suit and tie. I love the casual vibe.”

Their quality of life is their priority, and for them, that goes beyond the abundant lifestyle Kukui`ula offers.  They’ve found a fantastic school for their kids, and a community of people on Kaua`i that is genuinely kind, generous, and brimming with a true sense of aloha.  Perhaps most importantly, they’ve found this to be a place that is safe, where their kids can run and explore freely, gain independence and have an appreciation for the relationships they build with nature and the people they meet.  Kirk adds that he believes “one of the most common misconceptions about Kaua`i is the quality of health care that can be found here.”  After a freak golf accident earlier this year that required major surgery and extensive rehab, Kirk says he’s experienced world-class doctors, medical technology and facilities that have him on the mend, and hopefully back on the golf course soon.

The next few years here at Kukui`ula will be extra exciting as the dream home they’re designing with Bing Hu becomes a reality, they open a business in Koloa Town, and their family continues to grow and thrive.  We feel fortunate to have the Brown family as part of our Kukui`ula `ohana.  Their warmth, kindness and vivacious, adventurous spirits are the essence and expression of what makes Kukui`ula the ultimate family retreat.