Come Home to Kukuiʻula

E komo mai. Nou ka hale.
Welcome. The house is yours.

Make yourself at home at Kukuiʻula, the ultimate family retreat perfectly situated between mauka and makai (mountain and ocean). Here on Kauaʻi’s south shore, where verdant gardens stay green year-round and the ocean’s sweet breath fills the warm air, the love of home comes from an appreciation for ʻāina and ʻohana—land and family—and permeates everything that surrounds you.

Architecture defines a place and a culture, and the homes at Kukuiʻula are a combination of great design, quality materials, and an appreciation of Kauaʻi lifestyle. Our combined architecture and landscape vision is rooted in a thorough understanding of the natural elements integral to Kauaʻi, a celebration of the indoor/outdoor lifestyle that embraces the beauty of nature, respect for the importance of the land, and a special love for our home island and its local culture.

The low-key, relaxed luxury lifestyle at Kukuiʻula gives you the time to appreciate the days of your life. It makes the aloha spirit tangible—something that’s alive that you can seamlessly incorporate into everyday habits: taking that first breath of morning with the land and ocean, gathering with friends and family, making the time to venture out and learn something new, and weaving yourself back into the language of nature to see it with fresh eyes.

Choosing a Kukuiʻula homesite provides an open canvas to discover how your island life will unfold. Waking up to views of ocean and mountains. Wandering from the beach straight to the dining room in your board shorts and T-shirt. Relaxing on the lānai with food and family, making and sharing memories. Is a visit enough when you can make your life here?

Homesites at Kukuiʻula include some of the last Kauaʻi coastline still available for building. There are many ways to incorporate sustainability into Kukuiʻula home designs, which speaks to the importance of malama ʻāina—caring for the land. Here, modern technology and tried-and-true green design attributes are celebrated, creating healthy, efficient and comfortable homes that are durable and low impact.

Three design styles that form Kukuiʻula’s architectural vision breathe as if they’re one with the landscape. Plantation style hails from Hawaiʻi’s mid-19th century industrial agrarian era, reflecting the wisdom of the architects of sugar plantations, who adjusted their designs to the land, culture, and climate of the islands. Pacific Tropical style emerged from indigenous civilizations throughout the islands of Polynesia and the Asia-Pacific region as their response to local climate, available materials, and building technology. Island Contemporary style is an updated form of the mid-century Hawaiian house, inspired by the designs of island post-war modernists.

Coming home to Kukuiʻula may be the beginning of a new life or the result of a lifelong dream. It’s where you feel interwoven with nature and where you can relax and talk story under the starry skies that led Hawaiʻi’s ancestors here on voyaging canoes. Your island life awaits among the lush landscape and gentle trade winds. Welcome home.