Best Places to Whale Watch on Kauai

Aloha Humpbacks! It’s officially whale season here on Kauai. At the end of summer Humpback whales begin to make the long journey from the cool waters of Alaska (where they spent their time feeding on small fish and krill) to the warm waters off the coast of Hawaii, where they mate and give birth. Newborn whale calves can weigh up to 3,000 pounds and measure between 10 and 15 feet in length. Adult Humpbacks can grow to more than 40 feet in length and weigh more than 40 tons!

Humpbacks are well known for being “jumpers”. Often seen breaching, the whales throw themselves up and out of the water in an impressive act of strength. While scientists are still unsure why they do this, their best guesses include: Establishing dominance, scaring potential prey, dislodging parasites from their skin (scratching their back, in a a sense) or simply being playful. Where better to view some extraordinary breaching and splashing than from our sunny south side of Kauai? Here are a few of our favorite vantage points to enjoy the gentle giants.

A magnificent Humpback whale caught breaching right out front our Club Bungalows site! Photo captured by our very own Thad Bond.

1. Kukui’ula Harbor and Bay

Just a few steps outside our luxurious community lies this beautiful treat. A small boat harbor offering the ideal place to splash with little ones while watching for blow spouts.


2. Spouting Horn

Appropriately named, this natural wonder mimics the Humpbacks as they swim past.


3. Allerton Botanical Garden

Just below the Kukui’ula golf course rests the gorgeous Allerton Botanical Gardens. With a protected cove, this quiet retreat is a lovely place to watch pods pass.


4. Sheraton Beach

Unofficially titled as so, this beach is located directly in front of the Sheraton Hotel. From here families can sun bathe, swim and watch as large numbers of whales breach along the horizon.


5. Shipwrecks Beach and Trail

Known for it’s signature cliff  (where adventurous swimmers backflip off into the turquoise waters below) is this south side gem. Shipwrecks offers vast and sweeping views of the Pacific, perfect for spotting our migrating mammal friends.


6. Kukui’ula Golf Course

Neon greens, electric blues. With the perfect summer weather for a round, what else could you possibly need? How about some in-sea entertainment? The Humpbacks are known for splashing and singing alongside our course’s winding path.



7. Brennecke’s Beach

Deemed one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States, Brennecke’s Beach is postcard perfect. Whether catching a wave on a boogie board or enjoying some shade in a pavilion, you’re sure to see a show!


8. Poipu Beach Park

Just down the way from Brennecke’s, Poipu Beach Park sparkles with possibility. “Ooo” and “Awe” as whales swim past while you enjoy a picnic with friends or a solo Stand Up Paddle.


9. The Great Lawn at Kukui’ula

We don’t mean to be biased, but how could you deny the perfection of this location? A fire pit, front row sunset viewing and hand crafted cocktails just a few steps away. If that’s not whale watching with style, we don’t know what is!


For more information about our seasonal visitors contact our team at Island Pursuits. Here to help Kukui’ula Members discover the best aspects of living on Kauai.