Welcome Paul Horner

Paul Horner - General Manager at Kukuiula

Kukuiula is happy to welcome our new General Manager, Paul Horner, to our ‘ohana. With years of previous experience in his field in California and on Lana’i, Paul is sure to bring our growing community of Hawaii luxury homes to new heights. He comes with great aloha for this island we call home, and a dedication to the future of Kukuiula as a beautiful place that will continue to reflect the virtues of Kauai.

How long have you lived on Kauai?

I lived here for 2 years in 1981-1983 and moved back 2.5 months ago.

What first drew you to the position at Kukuiula?

I was actually very interested in the original position 6 years ago when I first applied.  I have family and many friends here.   I’ve always loved this island and the people of Kaua’i.

What is your vision for Kukuiula?

To create a thriving community that will provide a transformational experience for our members and local community alike while sharing our culture using Hawaiian values.

How do you see Kukui’ula over the next 5 years and 10 years in terms of development and participation in the community?

I think there is a cautious optimism about the next 5-10 years related to development in Hawaii.  I see us growing at a very comfortable pace.
We will continue to participate in the success of our community because the health of our community will relate directly to our health as an organization.

What do you think is the most attractive aspect of Kukuiula?

Looking south out over Kukuiula Harbor is one of the most beautiful sights in the world.  The mist from Spouting Horn being back-lit by the sunset!

Do you see it as a family-oriented community?

‘Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family that we use to describe our relationship with everyone that we hold dear in this community.  Our family includes everyone that we have known as our family, surrounding us with love from the time of our birth.  It also includes those we choose to call our family for the connection we share with them enriches our life.

Is this your first time working to build a community?

I’ve been blessed to have worked in some special places like Lana’i and Carneros in Napa, California where we faced many of the same challenges.

Which projects are currently in the works?

We are currently working on expanding our lodging units called the Club Cottages.  We have completed 6 thus far with 4 more in the works.  There are also quite a few new custom homes going up in our Mauka neighborhood as well.

What do you think residents and potential residents would like most about owning property in Kukuiula?

I think the most important aspect of purchasing a property here at Kukuiula is that you are actually purchasing a piece of Kaua’i.  All of our members have access to everything Kaua’i has to offer.

What can the community and the world expect from Kukuiula this coming year?

We’re hoping to continue to expand our lodging experience so we can create more activity on property and attract more guests that would like to call the Island of Kaua’i home.  They will have access to all the The Club at Kukuiula has to offer including world-class golf, an unmatched Spa experience, world-class dining, activities and adventure from one end of the island to the other.