The anytime tours

Feel like a stroll through one of the cottages? Can’t wait to see the farm again? Take a virtual tour right now.

There’s a new way to visit the Upcountry Farm at Kukui‘ula and one of our favorite cottages without leaving your desktop. Virtual tours of Cottage 49 and the farm have been completed and are already online. You can tour room by delightful room in the cottage, step onto the lanai, look 360- degrees and come back inside. At the farm, you can start at the flower and vegetable beds, take a side trip down to the dock and fishing lake, and even go up to the hill and look up into the branches of the story tree. It’s a great way to visit on your own – or take a friend who’s never been. You can even virtually flip through our latest dream book, which tells the Kukui‘ula story in spectacular pictures and inspiring prose.

Makai Cottage 49 Virtual Tour:  https://kukuiula.com/vtour/tour.html
Club Cottage #1: https://kukuiula.com/vtour/clubcottage/clubcottage.html
The Farm at Kukui‘ula Virtual Tour:  https://kukuiula.com/vtour/farm/farm.html
Turn the pages of our dreambook

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