Saving the Shearwaters


Kukuiula is spearheading the creation of a new Conservation District at the southwestern edge of the community’s 1,000-acre ocean view property. The area consists of approximately 4,000 linear feet of coastal land that borders the National Tropical Botanical Garden where remnants of an ancient Hawaiian trail can be found. There will be a new walking trail along this rugged coastal area, and we will clear alien plants from parts of the area and re-establish native coastal plants in the new landscaping. Beautiful views of the ocean will open up, making it an ideal place for whale-watching.

The area is also a favorite nesting place of Shearwater birds, an endangered species native to Kauai. During the fall months, the baby seabirds fly to the ocean for the first time using moonlight to navigate their journey. Unfortunately, they sometimes cross areas with glaring artificial lights and are attracted to them. As they circle the lights, they’re often injured and fall to the ground. Shearwater rescue stations pop up in the fall, usually at local fire stations around the island. If you find an injured bird, you can take it to any rescue station. After a bit of Kauai hospitality, they are often able to return to the wild.

Kukuiula took both the Shearwater and the nocturnal habits of our owners into consideration when we designed our overall streetlight and landscape lighting plan. Our minimal lighting provides security to all, while protecting our Shearwaters and preserving our dark, romantic Hawaiian night sky full of stars.