Robert Miguel: Island Pursuits

Robert Miguel- Island Pursuits

There are countless activities and adventures to explore on the Garden Island. In fact, one of the toughest challenges you’ll face on Kauai is trying to decide which activities to sample while you’re here. Thankfully, Kukui’ula, the finest Kauai real estate, has Robert Miguel at Island Pursuits to help you make your decision from the list of things to do on this beautiful island. Born and raised on Kauai’s west side, Robert has had ample opportunity to explore Kauai from top to bottom, mountains to sea, and has done just about everything a person can do on Kauai. He describes his job as an amalgam of all his favorite hobbies, and he loves sharing his island home’s many delights with people from all over the world. Infused with a deep love for Kauai and enthusiasm for his work, Robert is always happy to share his insights and expertise.

What is your favorite Kauai activity?

RM: I am a water person through and through, so I love standup paddle boarding, spear fishing, kayak fishing, sailing, surfing and snorkeling. The one activity I probably enjoy the most is standup paddleboard surfing. There are an endless number of breaks around the island perfectly suited for SUP.

What activity best captures the unique feel of Kauai?

RM: Hiking…hands down. It gives you the best feel for the many microclimates, contrasting terrain, mountain-to-ocean views, waterfalls and secluded spots around the island. While the hikes may challenge you, the island will reward your hard work with spectacular views and unforgettable memories.

What’s the best activity for families with small children?

RM: The activity we suggest for most families is a custom beach day. We select the beach that best suits what the family wants to do, given weather and ocean conditions, and then we bring and set up all the tents, food, drinks and toys, including body boards, surfboards, SUP boards and snorkel gear. All the guests have to do is show up and have a good time. We’ve even had our culinary team join us to prepare special meals our guest requested right there on the beach.

What’s the best adventure for thrill seekers?

RM: All of our activities can be customized to provide our more adventurous guests with the thrills they seek. The island offers as much adventure as someone would like to have, and we will create a personalized adventure based on what a particular person is looking for.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

RM: I grew up on Kauai with a fondness for all activities from the mountain to the sea. Everything we do at Island Pursuits is what I grew up doing for fun on the weekends with my family and friends, so I know the areas and activities by heart. My job is a collection of all the things I love about Kauai, and in addition, I am always looking for something new to add to the repertoire. Based on that, I’d say that every single part of my job is my favorite!

Let Robert, with his deep love and limitless knowledge of Kauai, be your local guide and steer you towards the amazing and fun-filled activities that will make your time here extraordinary and unforgettable.


Last week Robert took some members Kayak fishing and this was their haul.  They then brought their catch to the clubhouse where Chef Ben cooked up the fish and they feasted like kings!

Kayak fishing catch