The first new development on Kauai in 20 years brings more than just golf

Kukui`ula: The first new development to open on Kauai is 20 years brings more than just golf.  It proves how vision, perserverence and a commitment to a good old-fashioned island hospitality is at the heart of greatness.

The greatest resorts are about people, not places.  Certainly, it doesn’t hurt to have oceanfront property, a clever golf course designer and a plan to build a club that not only meets every need but also manages to pamper, entertain and surprise all at the same time.  But none of that happens without people who are committed to bringing joy to the lives of those around them.  The locker room attendant with the infectious personality.  The spa therapist who knows exactly where you ache.  The food server who anticipates your cravings on a warm, sunny afternoon.  Some resorts, let alone private clubs, are lucky to have just one of these people.  Kukuiula has them all.

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