Moving to Kauai with Pets


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Planning the big move to our warm and welcoming island? Unsure where to begin when it comes to your cats, dogs and other “fur children”? In order to save you time, money and stress, we’ve put together a quick and painless guideline for Hawaii’s Animal Quarantine Law.

Following these clear and simple steps will qualify your pet for the 5-Day-or-Less Program and Direct Release, which ensures the family pet stays with your family, within the home, throughout the entire process. Failure to comply with these regulations ensures your pet will be placed in quarantine upon arrival. Please be sure to check the Hawaii Department of Agriculture website for any updates to their animal importation laws.

Hawaii’s Animal Quarantine Law:

1. All animals must have a microchip implanted. Be sure your veterinarian scans the implanted microchip and verifies that it actually works. If a pet cannot be identified by scanning their microchip, it will be placed in the full 120-day quarantine.
Implantation of microchips must happen before any necessary rabies shots.

2. Your pet must have two rabies shots 30 days apart and the last rabies must be completed more than 90 days prior to arrival to Hawaii.

3. The rabies blood test in question is the OIE-Favn version. This test cannot be more than three years old, but must have been drawn at least 120 days prior to arrival in Hawaii.

4. Due to the minimum amount of time needed to prepare a kitten or puppy to meet the 5-Day-or-Less program requirements, a pet will be nearly 10 months old by the time all preparations are completed. Kittens and puppies not able to meet all of the requirements will be quarantined for 120 days.

5. Be sure to obtain original copies of all documentation including: blood test results, vaccinations, original health certificate and fee payments. For more information, please visit the helpful site Pet Relocation-Hawaii.

A Good Reminder: Many airlines have specific programs for flying pets, with specific guidelines regarding animal breeds, crate sizes and other important information. Check with your airline no less than 30 days prior to your travel date to verify all tickets. Keep in mind your pet’s needs (such as food on the flight!)

Please remember that these regulations are subject to change and it is extremely important you check the Hawaiian Dept. of Agriculture website for any possible changes. Making a clear and concise plan with a timeline allows a seamless transition for not only you and your family, but your four-legged loved ones. Mahalo and safe travels!