Mandy: Kukuiula’s siren of the spa

The moment you step off the plane in Lihue, Kauai begins to work her healing magic. The deep beauty and quiet stillness of the island is legendary, and the magic of the ‘aina breeds and beckons healers to these shores. Luckily for Kukui‘ula members, Kauai’s siren song lured Mandy in from Delaware, and eventually to the Kukui‘ula Spa where she graciously offers her expertise and loving attention to create heaven on earth.

Mandy moved to Kauai in 1999. She studied massage in Kauai, and is well versed in deep tissue and relaxation techniques, as well as the traditional Hawaiian system of lomilomi. She left Kauai for several years to study Chinese Medicine in San Diego, and then thankfully returned to the island with her newfound knowledge and set up shop in the Kukui‘ula Spa. Mandy is a natural and versatile healer, and is thrilled to have some of the best therapeutic tools at her disposal at Kukui‘ula, including the hydro tub, which marries the benefits of water and massage together and is particularly helpful for people with injuries. Mandy is also proficient in body scrubs, wraps and facials, and enjoys incorporating essential oils and aromatherapy into her sessions to deepen the experience. Your visit to Mandy begins with a relaxing foot scrub. While her capable hands begin to knead the tension out or your extremities, she opens up a dialogue to discover exactly what you need the most.  Her gentle manor creates a safe environment that allows you to relax and open yourself up to receive. Each treatment is completely customized, as she carefully draws from her extensive skill set to create a healing experience especially for you. All of her talents aside, it’s really Mandy’s commitment to, and love of, her work that sets her apart from the myriad of body workers on Kauai and beyond, “We all have a set of tools to choose from,” she says, “and you use your intuition to connect with the person you’re working on to customize a treatment based on what their body tells you it needs. Essentially it becomes a dance between the two of you, and when you can become fully present and focused, shut off your ego and do your thing, the healing work is a joy that comes from your heart. That’s what makes a great therapist.”

Not one to rest on her laurels, Mandy plans to further her education by delving more deeply into craniosacral work. A visit to the Kukui‘ula Spa to see Mandy is beneficially for everyone. You can be certain that you are in the best, most caring hands possible that is part an excellent team at the finest Hawaii luxury homes, and that she will employ all of her many skills and talents to create a personalized experience that gently addresses your particular needs with the grace and wisdom of a true healer.