Golfboards Now at Kukuiula!

What is a Golfboard?

Winner of “Best New Product” by PGA, we are excited to announce the arrival of the Golfboard here at Kukuiula. The Golfboard is an exciting new technology dreamt up by Kauai resident (and surfing legend) Laird Hamilton, Bally Total Fitness founder Don Widman and business entrepreneur Star Faraon. Golfboards are a fun new way to explore the landscape around the 18 hole golf course at Kukuiula. A mixture of surfing and golfing, Golfboards bring a tropcial element to the traditional game of golf. Experience the sensation of surfing right from the rolling greens. It’s like snowboarding in summer! What could be better?

Golfboard.com explains it best, “GolfBoard eliminates the sedentary activity of sitting in a cart, while improving speed of play, reducing turf wear, and offering golfers the chance to experience the natural terrain in way previously reserved for surfers and snowboarders. Already embraced by Golf courses and players world-wide, GolfBoard is certain to attract a whole new audience looking to discover golf, but in a whole new way.”

How do you ride a Golfboard? There are 3 ways:

  1. Bag mount + handle


  2.  Classic carry


  3. Free ride / open deck

    All photos courtesy Golfboard.com

The club currently has four golf boards which Members can reserve a week in advance. Guests, Plantation Members and Ohana Members may reserve a board at the time of game check-in. We hope to see you soon, “surfing the land” here at Kukuiula. For more information regarding the latest golf technology, visit our golf gurus at the Golf Clubhouse or check out Kukuiula’s Golf page.