Technology at Kukui`ula

Here at Kukui‘ula, we’re committed to providing our members with the very best of everything, and continually strive to elevate our exclusive community to a level of unsurpassed excellence. Only the very best will do, and this spirit extends to our cutting-edge technology services. In an effort to provide our properties with the fastest, most reliable phone, Internet and HD digital cable services possible, Kukui‘ula has teamed up with Oceanic Time Warner and Hawaiian Telcom to create an dual runs of Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) which is not offered anywhere is in the state, making personal and professional telecommunications a breeze. Truly state-of the- art, Fiber Optic Cable systems guarantee optimal speed and dependability, and are designed with the future in mind to accommodate new technological advances as they arise, putting us a step ahead of the inevitable changes and upgrades to come.

Our technological infrastructure also delivers lighting-fast Internet service, and allows access to multiple Speed Zone wi-fi locations located throughout the property. You can gaze out at the sea from the comfort of the club or lounge by the pool with your smart phone, tablet or laptop and tap into the fastest Internet service available. Surf the web, email clients or Skype with jealous friends from the mainland, confident you’re receiving the very best services on the market today.

These same services are woven into club operations, helping us to continually raise the bar on premium customer service for our members and guests. New technological advances are in place at the Kukui‘ula Farm as well, where an extensive wireless network coordinates the irrigation and security systems.

Oceanic Time Warner offers Kukui‘ula residents a full menu of home entertainment options including basic and premium cable channels, HDTV, Pay-Per-View and On Demand programming, and DVR (Digital Video Recorders) so you’ll never have to miss a thing. You’ll cherish the time spent tucked into your personal home theater with your loved ones after a fun-filled day on Kauai, and you can rest assured that everything will function as intended. Many of these new Hi-Def cable services extend to the bar and fitness center of the Plantation Club as well, providing the same amazing picture and sound quality you’ll find at home. As long as you are on the Kukui‘ula property, you will never have to watch, old, outdated standard-definition television again.

As the best Hawaii luxury real estate, Kukui‘ula approaches excellence from all angles. Our sweeping ocean views, elegant properties, world-class golf course, heavenly spa, inviting club, impeccable services and inspired attention to detail set a new standard in the private luxury community market. We strive to continuously exceed expectations, and by providing our members with the best and brightest innovations in technology, we’re not just keeping the pace, we’re leading the charge into the future.