Meet The Greeters at Kukuiula

The devoted staff of Kukuiula is a collection of wonderful adventurers, chefs, pioneers and storytellers- just to name off a few. Their goal is to share the beauty and diversity of island living, all while showcasing the 1,000 acres of sunny south shore community we call home. Get ready to meet a few of the stars of the show, the Greeters!

Meet The Greeters

Greeters-2From left to right: Tammy Pu’u,  Tevamaikahiki Domingo and Joseph Schoniwitz

When you first arrive at the Club at Kukuiula you are warmly welcomed by three very special people: Tevamaikahiki Domingo (otherwise known as Teva), Tammy Pu‘u and Joseph Schoniwitz. The wonderful greeters here at Kukuiula, Tammy and Teva began working at the Club in 2010 while Joseph joined in 2012.

We Heart Kauai

Tammy: “I love the people of Kaua‘i. The feeling of ‘Ohana. The mix of all different nationalities. The places, faces, food, and aloha! ”

Teva: “I love the genuine aloha spirit that is alive and well here.”

Joseph: “It’s been the best place in the world to raise our family. It’s home!”

Their Favorite Places & Spaces at Kukuiula  


Teva and Joseph enjoy looking out from the Kukuiula Plantation House towards “the most amazing colorful sunsets” over Spouting Horn. Spouting Horn is Kauai’s famous blow hole, located just down the road from the Kukuiula Bay and Harbor in Poipu. Legend has it that a fierce lizard lives beneath the lava rock shelf where she continues to shoot up gigantic plumes of sea spray. This can be witnessed firsthand from a safe distance overlooking the coastline.

Tammy’s favorite spot is in the same line of sight. If you are to follow the breeze through the Plantation House (as it was artfully designed to flow through – beginning at the front doors and heading out towards the Great Lawn) you will find “One of my favorite spots at Kukuiula…our fire pit.”

“It’s more than just a beautiful place to relax, talk story and drink wine,” she says, “The fire pit serves more of a purpose.” Historically there were four main fire pits on the south side of Kauai, acting as beacons to guide ships into the Kukuiula Bay and Harbor.  These four ancient sites could be found at the Kukuiolono Golf Course in Kalaheo, the Kauai Coffee Fields (seen while driving west), the Kukuiula Harbor and surprisingly at the Kukuiula golf course. Around 2012 the club discovered one of the original fire pits out by Hole 12. Kukuiula held a Kukui Nut oil burning ceremony and lit a fire after the pit had been sitting dormant for hundreds of years. An incredible piece of island history, right in our own backyard!

Favorite Activities on Kauai 


Teva and Joseph love taking island toys for a spin. They’ll go “flying through the air to woodlands and waterfalls on a zip-lining excursion, kayaking on our navigable rivers to see the beauty that surrounds us, horseback riding to massive hills and valleys.” And mud-bugging on an ATV: “fun, exhilarating, fun, exciting, fun. And awesome.”


Tammy enjoys partaking in the annual Obon festival. Obon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors. On Kauai this celebration spans over several days offering dancing, food, drinks and local art. At the end of Obon, guests can partake in the Toro Nagashi ceremony. This is when festival goers write the names of their departed loved ones on paper lanterns, light them and place them on a train of small wooden slabs and a Buddhist prayer is said for their souls. Then a group of men will swim it out a bit (such as to the Kukuiula Bay and Harbor point) and let it go out to sea. “[You’re] just saying farewell to the souls until next year.” It has been reported that these lanterns have been found out as far as Niihau!

Favorite Island Eats 


The Shops at Kukui‘ula’s restaurants drew unanimous praise. Not to be missed: “Lychee sangrias at Josselin’s, the shrimp and garlic pizza at Merriman’s, the paninis at Living foods, sushi at Dolphin, Lappert’s ice cream”…and the Culinary Market, of course, for everything.

A Special Place To Call Home

Tammy smiles and says, “It’s more than just a job, a place to work, it’s something to connected to my heart. It’s something deeper.” So the next time you find yourself driving down the shaded tree-lined drive towards the Kukuiula Plantation House be sure to give an extra warm hello to our amazing greeters.

Kukui‘ula, a private club community on the sunny south shore of Kaua‘i, is made up of homesites, custom homes, villas and bungalows. We offer our owners and their guests an incredible Spa, expansive farm, Tom Weiskopf golf course and a community clubhouse where families gather for dining and socializing.