Starting 2015 on the Right Foot


Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s 2015 already? When you’re living on island time, it’s hard to keep up. To start your year off on the right foot, here are a few resolutions you might find useful.


• Trust yourself and listen to your body.

Kauai has so many delicious, locally grown foods to choose from (if you don’t believe us, check out The Farm) and endless fitness activities to try. Invest in health and invest in yourself! From swimming in the revitalizing sea, breathing in the fresh mountain air on a hike or discovering your inner zen at the Spa and fitness center at Kuku’iula. The healthiest version of yourself is waiting to be discovered. What better time than now?


• Release what no longer serves you.

Go through your drawers, closets and garage. Box up old clothes and goods that are in excess or lay unused. Donate books to the local library or chose from an array of thrift stores and other donation friendly institutions on Kauai. These things can help change the life of a family in need. By helping others, you’re helping yourself.

Friends & Family

• Look for the good in others instead of focusing on the bad.

Be thankful for your loved ones and set aside time to spend with them. Try things together you might not normally! Perhaps a new food (Poi?), go on an adventure (surf lessons?), or volunteer at the animal shelter! There’s no limit to fun and exciting activities on the island and you could discover a new passion that might have otherwise slipped by.


• Be kind to yourself when you’re learning something new.

We are our hardest critics and in this fast paced day and age – that can make or break your spirit. When you begin to appreciate the work you do it begins to change the stagnant (and sometimes seemingly mundane) areas of your life. This especially can be seen in one’s career. You can begin to play freely with creative passions and produce more authentic work, thus flourishing in your chosen profession. This holds especially true in a place like Kauai, dripping with inspiration and beauty.

Let’s make this the best year yet! Happy 2015!