Golf Boards at Kukuiula

Golfboards are the newest innovation in a centuries-old game, generating interest for a new generation of golfers while improving the game experience for current players. Unlike carts, golfboards can go almost anywhere on the course, handling any type of terrain. This increases the pace of play, and 18 holes can be finished in only 2.5 hours.

Walking a course used to be about talking and taking advantage of the down time between shots. With the advent of carts, getting to the ball faster became priority, with the average time actually hitting the ball around 30 minutes during a 4-hour game. So why not make it fun, and get a good aerobic core and leg workout as well? Golfboards make the in-between time an adventure, surfing the earth on the “Best New Product” from the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show.

For first time users, golfboards are simple and intuitive to operate, more stable than you’d expect, and easy enough for anyone to learn. An automatic parking brake keeps your board exactly where you left it, and you can cover more ground looking for your ball in places your cart can’t take you. All good reasons to try a golfboard for the first time, but the number one reason they are in demand on the course is because they are fun to ride, more like a surf or snow board than sitting in a car.

Golf courses are adopting this new mode of transportation not only because of customer demand, but also due to the decreased wear and tear on the course. Golfboards weigh a mere 115 pounds, delivering 30% less impact on the turf and almost eliminating torn up grass. With fewer mechanical parts and greater battery technology, a golfboard requires less maintenance, ensuring more time in use.

“Golfboards are the future of golf,” according to Kukui`ula pro Brian Paul. “The game is hard, and takes a long time. The boards make it fun and trim down time of play, making the game accessible to more people who want to play.”

The next time you’re going golfing, stop by the pro shop for a demonstration, and try a golfboard for yourself. And be ready to make a great day even better.