Get Up, Stand Up


It’s got all the makings of a world-wide phenom.
It’s got Hawaiian roots, and was an ancient form of surfing. Can you say Hoe he‘e nalu?
It’s easy to learn – in an hour, you can get the hang of it.

Kukuiula, the newest luxury Kauai real estate community, offers members a great place to learn stand up paddle. You can do it in nearly any body of water, from the beach pool at Kukuiula to the nearby bay to high surf – ok, that takes a little practice, but check out world champ Kai Lenny for inspiration: www.youtube.com/watch

Women are especially good at it, because their centre of gravity is lower – and they tend to go into new sports without worrying who they’re impressing.

It’s a great core workout, and, well, who couldn’t use that?

We’re talking about SUP, of course – stand up paddle.

It’s a sport that’s exactly what its name describes: you stand on a surf-type board that’s somewhere between 9 and 12 feet long with fins in the back for tracking, and you use a long, narrow paddle to maneuver. It’s quite the adventure. Grab your slice of Kauai real estate and take on new challenges.

Suddenly, it seems like everybody’s doing it, on-island and on the mainland. Kukui‘ula members are lucky enough to be guided by the ever-able and endlessly-patient Island Pursuits team. Here’s a demo by our own stand up paddle champs, Robert Miguel and Kaili Olores. They’ll have you up and paddling in no time. Of course, getting gentlemen members into the game may take a little longer.