Beautiful Kaua’i

Beautiful Kauai. To know her is to love her.  The Garden Island’s charms are extensive, and at every turn she ignites the senses in dramatic and often unexpected ways. The magic of Kauai seeps into the soul, and calls us back to these breathtaking shores again and again like an ancient siren song. Open your heart and senses to her innumerable pleasures, and drink up the beauty and majesty of this legendary paradise.


1) The brilliant red of sunset as it mellows into lavender.

2) The talented chorus of tropical birds joyously singing nature’s praises.

3) The island’s wild, impenetrable center.

4) The warm, golden glow of tranquil sandy shores.

5) The motley collection of fragrant blossoms speckling the endless greenery.

6) The cleansing heat of the sun on weary shoulders.

7) The deafening sound of a midnight deluge pouring from vast skies.

8) The unexpected gift of a rainbow stretching from the mountains to the sea.

9) The primal taste of salt water on your lips.

10) The shameless enthusiasm of a towering coconut tree. (Look at ME!)

11) The infinite collection of sparkling stars in a blackened sky.

12) The impossibly sweet stickiness of a ripened mango.

13) The elegant majesty of towering, velvet mountains.

14) The hypnotic aroma of night blooming jasmine on a gentle evening breeze.

15) The awesome, rhythmic rumbling of giant waves pounding the shore.

16) Kauai’s regal, self-contained stillness at dawn.

17) The rich, fertile beauty of deep red earth.

18) The echoing honk of passing nene lovers.

19) The timeless solidity of black lava rock.

20) The gentle humpback whales, who love these waters so much they travel for months to birth their babies here.

21) The taro plant’s heart-shaped leaves.

22) The invigorating rush of an enchanting waterfall.

23) The unique sound of geckos throwing kisses in the night.

24) The comforting malleability of sand beneath tired feet.

25) Colorful shells displayed along the waterline like nature’s jewelry store.

26) The clean, mellow flavor of fresh fish dissolving on a grateful tongue.

27) The tingly warmth of salt water on sun-dried skin.

28) The distant calls of wild prize-winning roosters.

28) The mellow persistence of free-flowing rivers.

29) The hint of ancient secrets tucked away in verdant valleys.

30) The haunting creak, and hollow echo of bamboo groves.

31) The familiar buoyancy of floating in the ocean’s warmth.

32) The ever-changing patterns of dappled sunlight on a jungle path.

33) The subtle, all pervasive scent of the sea.

34) The lyrical melodies of trade winds rustling through countless trees.

35) The unapologetic explosion of riotous beauty in every direction!

This is by no means a complete catalogue of Kauai’s many virtues, but rather a brief sampling of her more obvious assets. Enjoy the adventure of compiling your own list as you delve ever more deeply into the limitless assortment of treasures that make Kauai so uniquely wonderful. Vacation in the comforts of your own home in Kauai by staying on a property at the finest Hawaii real estate, Kukui’ula.