Act Local. Eat Local


Good, fresh, locally-grown food is a passion at Kukuiula. Our Culinary Market, which has been a weekly favorite for over a year, brings fresh-obsessed growers and the cooks who love them to the Village at Kukuiula every week. Our first annual Kauai Proud day, held during the grand opening ceremonies, brought together farmers, artists, dancers and other home-grown talent for a day of celebration and appreciation in the village. One of the most eloquent spokespeople for local food is chef Michael Simpson of Living Foods, a grocery purveyor and restaurant in the heart of the village. Living Foods believes in a virtuous circle of support for local farmers, and along the way, they’ve uncovered some of the island’s best-kept secrets in produce. They sell some, and they turn others into countless delicious reasons to visit. Haven’t tried the croissants yet? They’re pure Paris on a plate…in paradise.