A Taste for Celebration


What does a Grand Opening taste like? Kukuiula chef Ben Takahashi is turning our week of celebration into a sampling of all the flavors of the islands, from the sumptuous to the simple. And because there are so many parties and opportunities, members are indulging to their hearts’ content. A little lobster? Chef’s got an idea for that. Feel like a burger? Make sure you get to the pool party. Perhaps a picnic? That’ll happen at the Upcountry Farm under the big Story Tree. And at the big sit down dinner, there’ll be pupus to start, and many surprises to savor. A little out of the ordinary? Chef’s whipping up a traditional Hawaiian backyard feast for the weekend where the culinary traditions of all the peoples of the islands will be celebrated. The Grand Opening is offering members a taste of life at Kukui‘ula as never before. Enjoy!

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