All in a day’s work

Imagine you have one precious day to spend on the Garden Island. What will you do with it? As those who love her know, Kauai is chock full of countless places to explore and adventures to experience. Oftentimes, our biggest challenge is deciding which delights to sample in a given day. Below are a few suggested itineraries for a full day of Kauai magic.

High Adventure

Kalalau LookoutIf your idea of a good time is breaking a sweat while diving deep into some of Kauai’s hidden mysteries, rise before the sun and head west for a challenging hike. Multiple trails of varying length and difficulty wind through the lush wet forest of Koke‘e and the multi-colored beauty of Waimea Canyon. Follow an elevated boardwalk through a mystical swamp, or traipse along the rim of the canyon looking for rainbows.  You efforts will be well rewarded, as many trails deposit you on the edge of the world, where you can gaze out on the magnificent cliffs and valleys of the fabled Napali Coast.  After your hike, if you have plenty of daylight and energy left, an afternoon kayak paddle up the Wailua River will carry you deep into the jungle. Otherwise, you can enjoy a much-needed rest on your choice of beaches. Afterwards, treat yourself to a fresh fish dinner at one of Kauai’s many great restaurants, or stop by a local fish market and prepare your own. Finally, plunge into that deep, contented sleep that follows a long day of playing outside.

Relax and Explore

You can enjoy a full Kauai day without expending a great amount of energy. Wake up whenever you like and make your way to Maha‘ulepu Beach. You can easily spend hours here strolling and exploring the dunes. This is a great spot for shell hunting, and swimming can be great when the seas are calm. The beach is rarely crowded, and if you’re lucky you might see turtles offshore or an endangered monk seal napping on the sand. Next, head to Old Koloa Town where you can peruse the shops, enjoy some lunch and visit the History Center to learn about the rich past of one of Hawaii’s original sugar towns. An afternoon massage at the Spa or by the sea will melt away any lingering tensions. Pack a picnic dinner and end your restful day at Poipu Beach Park, where the sunsets are legendary and wintertime whale sightings are an everyday occurrence.

Family Fun

Get everyone out of bed early and drive to Port Allen for a morning sailing and snorkel tour along the Napali Coast. Several companies offer fun and informative morning trips up the coast, complete with breakfast, snorkeling lessons and regular dolphin sightings. You’ll learn all sorts of fun facts about the island, and marvel at the beauty of this untamed stretch of coastline lit by the morning the sun. Follow up your boating adventure with some family beach time. The protected waters of nearby Salt Pond Beachoffer safe swimming for kids of all ages. In the summer you might catch a glimpse of the past as local families work the salt flats, harvesting sea salt in the traditional way. Round out your day with the fun and pageantry of a Hawaiian-style luau. Everyone will enjoy sampling local foods from an extensive buffet and watching the show, which features the music, dancing and stories of ancient Polynesia.

Whatever direction your day takes, you just can’t lose. Any day spent on Kauai is a glorious day indeed. Then relax in one of the best Kauai real estate properties after a long day of activities.