10 in 10: 10 Inspiring Adventures Within 10 Miles of Kukui‘ula

Road to Kukui`ula, Kauai Hawaii

Time is precious, and every moment of your day on Kauai is to be savored. If you prefer to minimize your driving time and maximize your adventure time, here is a sample of activities located within ten miles of Kukui`ula:

1) Spouting Horn is a favorite south side attraction.  Here the powerful surf rushes into a small lava tube, shooting water up to fifty feet into the air with a mighty hiss. Legend has it that a young boy named Liko outsmarted Kaikupo, the ferocious lizard who once guarded the coastline. Kaikupo got stuck in the tube, and continues to roar and unleash her fiery breath in an awesome display of power and fury.

2) Beachcombers will love the untamed beauty of Mahaulepu Beach. Featuring rolling sand dunes and pristine wilderness, Mahaulepu is perfect for sunbathing, strolling, and discovering hidden treasures. Many fossils have been uncovered here. A drive down and old dirt road past the Hyatt, or a gentle hike along a coastal trail from Shipwreck Beach will lead you to this untouched paradise.

3) Two National Botanical Gardens are located west of Poipu. McBryde Garden in Lawai Valley is home to the world’s largest collection of native Hawaiian plants. Makai (towards to ocean) of McBryde is Allerton Garden, an exquisite example of tropical landscape design carved out of the wilds of the jungle. Kauai’s botanical gardens are natural classrooms containing a wealth of information about the island’s vegetation, history, and culture.

4) Further west is the charming town of Hanapepe. This historic little town is home to some of Kauai’s most talented artists. Every Friday evening, from five to nine, the numerous galleries open their doors for Hanapepe Art Night. During this popular community event, art lovers can stroll and browse, chat with the artists, and enjoy live Hawaiian music.

5) If you’re looking for fun and excitement off the beaten track, an ATV adventure is a thrilling way to explore hidden Kauai. Kauai ATV and Kipu Ranch Adventures, both located near Poipu, offer a variety of tours and vehicles to transport you deep into pockets of the island few ever see except perhaps in the movies. By the end of your ATV tour you’ll be wearing plenty of mud and one giant smile.

6) Contemporary Hawaiian culture includes an eclectic mix of nationalities. The Lawai International Center is home to a serene Buddhist temple built by Japanese immigrants in 1904.  A steep path winds past 88 sacred shrines, recreating the 900-mile pilgrimage of 88 temples in Shikoku, Japan. This site once included a Hawaiian heiau, Shinto shrine, and Toaist temple. The Lawai International Center’s mission is to preserve and honor the diverse cultures of Kauai, and encourage compassion for all people.

7) The Grand Hyatt Kauai hosts one of Kauai’s favorite luaus on Thursday and Sunday evenings. The Hyatt is known for its exceptional food and exciting dinner show.  The fluid beauty of the hula, heart-pounding excitement of Tahitian dance and drums, and live Hawaiian music create a magical spectacle you don’t want to miss.

8) Love coffee? Visit Kauai Coffee Company, near Kalaheo for a fun and informative self-guided walking tour of Hawaii’s largest coffee estate. Meander through this former sugar plantation while learning the art of transforming a simple bean into a delicious steaming cup of coffee. The Visitor Center offers free tastings, and the gift shop is stocked with a wide assortment of estate-made coffee and treats.

9) There’s a great little culinary market in the Shops at Kukui‘ula center on Wednesdays from four to six. Local farmers stock their stalls with fresh produce and Kauai made products, including fresh cheese, jam, and delicious homemade pies. Listen to live Hawaiian music as you stroll, peruse, and sample local delicacies. There’s also a lively art walk here the third Thursday of every month.

10) And then there are those days when you’d rather not do much of anything at all. Right down the road isworld-famous Poipu Beach. You can surf, swim, and snorkel, or just enjoy relaxing by the sea as the gentle trade winds blow your cares away. Never underestimate the value of a day spent shaping clouds and counting flowers.

Whatever mood you find yourself in, you don’t have to travel far from our Hawaii luxury homes to reap the diverse bounty of the Garden Island.